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  1. Miniature In-Line Screens and Breathers Provide Big Benefits in Particulate Control

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    Miniature In-Line Screens and Breathers help engineers protect critical components from damage or reduced performance due to clogging or reduced flow rates. Designed to augment the protection of critical components in fluid control systems, the fine screens are intended to prevent the occasional particles that enter the fluid during installation or otherwise.

    The primary objective for these devices is simple: a last chance to catch any solid contaminants and prevent them from entering a component or a system. This makes Miniature In-Line Screens ideal for use with precision orifices, pneumatic transducers, gas and liquid flow instruments, medical devices, filling and purging systems, pneumatic timers, transmitters, pneumatic transmission lines, hydraulic controls, leak test equipment and flow measurement devices.

    O’Keefe Controls Co. Miniature Fine Screen Breathers provide an air passage into equipment, enclosures, and pneumatic controls while preventing the ingestion of solid particles. In both types of devices, the fine stainless steel wire screens do not introduce loose particles into the fluid stream; the screens are thoroughly cleaned in the manufacturing process to prevent inadvertent introduction of contaminants.

    O’Keefe Controls Co. also provides bound and unbound stainless steel wire screens, allowing direct integration into your device or system. The option of a bound edge stiffens the assembly and makes them easier to handle. These are available in a variety of outer-dimension sizes.

    Four levels of particle retention are available (10, 15, 25 and 100 microns). They are offered in either brass or 303 stainless steel fittings, and many connection options are available for the miniature in-line screen fittings. Miniature fine screen breathers are rated at 15, 25 or 100 microns and are available in either brass or stainless steel fittings. Connection sizes are 10-32, 1/8″ or 1/4″ NPT. In all cases, the screen material is stainless steel.

    For more technical information, contact  O’Keefe Controls at Tel: 203.261.6711.

    Based in Monroe, CT, O’Keefe Controls Co. is a world-class producer of precision orifices and fluid control devices used in a wide range of liquid and gas flow metering applications. The manufacturer’s headquarters are at 4 Maple Drive, Monroe, CT, 06468.

  2. O’Keefe Controls Co. Announces ISO 9001:2015 Registration

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    O’Keefe Controls Co. announced it has received ISO 9001:2015 registration for its Quality Management System (QMS). The registration was received after an independent audit conducted by American Systems Registrar, an accredited ISO registrar based in Wyoming, MI. ISO is the International Organization for Standardization.  O’Keefe Controls Co. is a manufacturer of fluid control devices, including precision orifices.

    Through its ISO 9001:2015 registration, O’Keefe Controls Co. joins an elite group of companies in 170 countries worldwide that adhere to established criteria defining a Quality Management System.  The ISO 9001:2015 registration is a strong validation of a focus on quality, according to Patrick O’Keefe, President of O’Keefe Controls Co. He stated, “As a lean enterprise, continuous improvement is paramount in how we approach business. We emphasize a systematic approach to ensure product quality with an eye towards continuous improvement that provides customer satisfaction.

    “Essentially what this registration conveys is that when customers turn to us as a resource for a fluid control device, they can have full confidence that the product they specify is of consistent and repeatable quality due largely to the quality management system that we have deployed,” O’Keefe said. “The QMS structure encouraged by the ISO 9001:2015 standard and our emphasis on lean culture have had a positive impact on our success in increasing customer satisfaction.”

    ISO 9001:2015 is the most updated version of the standard; it focuses on a quality management system’s structure and performance. It assists companies in developing a robust quality management system that aligns quality with a wider business strategy. The current version of the standard emphasizes risk-based thinking and accountability in all organizational processes in order to improve effective communications and to facilitate continuous improvement.

    A copy of the O’Keefe Controls ISO 9001:2015 certificate is available for download at  For more information on O’Keefe Controls Co.’s registration contact Jim Fleming, Lean Quality Coordinator, by email at or call 800.553.3285. Based in Monroe, CT, O’Keefe Controls Co. is a world-class producer of precision orifices and fluid control devices used in a wide range of liquid and gas flow metering applications.

  3. Our Mission of Precision

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    When a business announces a new branding strategy, there is often a message of change in the air; changes made evident by a slew of things including new logos, tag lines, advertisements, web pages and more. Some branding updates are radical by design to reflect a massive shift in focus for an organization while others are implemented in an effort to bring about a more precise understanding of the company’s true purpose and primary raison d’etre.

    Such is the case with recent changes in O’Keefe Controls Co.’s branding, and it is with great pride that we take a few moments to explain what we are communicating with our new mission of precision.

    For many years we have been the go-to brand for precision flow control devices. This is not a new piece of news for the vast majority of customers familiar with our name. If there are any constants one can rely upon, it’s our record as a quality manufacturer and engineering resource in flow control. It has been that way for more than four decades. Yet an organization does not ensure a hard-earned leadership role by remaining constant in the way it operates — whether we are discussing production facilities or external communications. And that brings us to what you may have already seen online at

    Our newly redesigned and retooled website is not only a key component but the “hub” of our online communications. Designed for today’s fast-paced digital world, the site presents the primary product categories in an easy-to-navigate design that helps engineers find the information they need in a quick, efficient manner  — essentially applying the concept of precision from the moment they enter the site.

    Yes, precision is the core to our new message, so much so that it’s become the cornerstone of our corporate tag line “If it’s about precision, it’s O’Keefe.” It is also a key component within our newly launched advertisements in the leading trade journals such as Tech Briefs, Fluid Power Journal and Power & Motion which appear in both print and digital formats.  In our advertising, you will see the statement “Precision flow control demands perfect balance.” Well, that balance can only be achieved when you can prove that you have the quality, repeatability and dependability so vital to effective flow control. That balance takes great effort and even greater intention, and we’re proud to say we’ve got that balance down pat — whether we are providing a standard orifice or check valve or a custom solution that’s never been conceived before.

    Branding certainly goes deeper than ads and tag lines. For O’Keefe Controls Co. it defines who we are clearly and consistently — reinforcing not only what products and services we offer, but also what our clients, industry peers and local community can expect in their dealings with us. So with that said, we present to you our new vision and precision promise.

    Precision: O’Keefe Controls Co.’s customers expect the finest and most precisely machined parts on the market. This will always be our image and primary message, thus our tag line: If it’s about precision, it’s O’Keefe.

    Customization: O’Keefe Controls Co. is committed to solving our customers current and future flow control challenges, and we encourage inquiries from customers. Through rigorous design, development and testing, we ensure the perfect part is created with the exact specifications that will solve our customer’s needs. Special orifice sizes, configurations, and flow specifications are routinely fashioned to keep our customers operating at optimal capacity.

    Support: The support we provide to customers is vital to our process. From a detailed review of how the product will be applied, through guidance from a senior technical engineer to 3D modeling, we are with customers every step of the way to insure the design fulfills their exact requirements. Our customer support is paramount to the integrity of the O’Keefe Controls Co. brand.

    Familiarity: Founded in 1975, O’Keefe Controls Co. manufactures specialty fluid control products in its Monroe, CT location. The company has been stalwart in the community and the industry, and will continue to provide the community and customers with our support. Our goal is that customers continually return to us due to the quality of our products along with the one-on-one support they expect and receive every time they work with O’Keefe Controls Co., and that they are able to predict with certainty how well the devices will function within their end product.

    Lean Enterprise: Lean is the way we approach business. By focusing on continuous process improvement and elimination of waste, we strive to satisfy customer demand in the shortest time possible — at a competitive price and with the highest possible quality. Quality control protocols include stringent inspection and testing, along with continuing analysis of the manufacturing process which seeks improved efficiency. The lean approach allows us to be confident that we are better today than we were yesterday.

    At O’Keefe Controls Co., we want to remind you of what we stand for, and though you’re seeing some changes, they are in place to better serve you. Our company has stood behind these values since its founding, and will continue to do so for generations to come.