Sales Process

Technical Customer service Rep on phone with customer

Our Sales Process: Putting the Customer First

Our customers come to us from all over the world to find the best solutions for applications that demand precision in fluid flow. They count on us for accurate, repeatable, and reliable parts. They find that our level of commitment to our customers and our drive to help them is unsurpassed. To this end, we offer superior Customer Service for every phase of the ordering process.

O’Keefe Controls Co. has assured us a quality product. Maura (Lean Sales Coordinator) has been very helpful. We were ‘behind the 8 ball’ a few times and she really pulled us out of it. She got us out of a huge jam last December and saved our year-end revenue.

Manufacturer of Marine Instrumentation

Product Selection Guidance

As world leader in precision fluid control, O’Keefe Controls Co. is sought out by customers with applications in often demanding environments – where accuracy, reliability and repeatability are critical.

Our technical sales staff can provide assistance with product selection, by gathering information regarding your application parameters and requirements. Whenever possible, we will provide standard product options for your review, along with  pricing and lead time information.

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Engineer with customer looking at CAD model on computer

Advanced Engineering Support

If standard devices do not cover your flow requirements, then we will route you to a senior technical engineer for additional assistance and application review.

The next phase of our technical service involves the use of Solidworks® CAD drawings and 3D prototype modeling in order to help your design and development team work as efficiently as possible. We will guide you along the development route to ensure educated decisions are made involving materials, connections and dimensions.

Custom Manufacturing

Inspired by our desire to support customers across the industrial landscape, O’Keefe Controls Co. offers a vast selection of sizes and configurations for our products. Our product catalog contains configurations and sizes which cover the majority of flow control applications. O’Keefe Controls Co also has the ability to design and manufacture custom solutions to satisfy application requirements.

New Product Design & Development

Industrial innovation never stops — nor should it. With innovation in application perhaps comes the necessity for new solutions. As a world leader in precision fluid control devices, O’Keefe Controls Co. is looked to for new product design and development — and we readily answer the call.

Service is great – John (VP of Engineering) is very responsive and helped us design components custom to our needs.

Manufacturer of Aerospace Components

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The Result: Confidence in Product Performance

The level of attention and one-on-one technical support offered by O’Keefe Controls Co. during the Sales Process enables customers to have full confidence that the parts ordered will work exactly as specified within their systems. Customers gain a thorough picture of costs, production schedules and, most importantly, a certainty of how well the devices will function within the end product. Putting our customers first, we strive to make their Sales journey a smooth and very positive experience.


Call us today to speak to a technical Customer Service Representative about your application.