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Whitepaper- Understanding Choked Flow of Gases


Understanding Choked Flow of Gases

Do you have an application that requires a precise, repeatable mass flow rate of gas? Our white paper explains the science behind “Choked Flow” or the condition when the velocity of the gas going through an orifice reaches the speed of sound. Also, we cover factors relating to flow that must be considered when choosing a precision orifice to achieve the desired result.

Whitepaper - Understanding Standard Conditions in Flow Measurement


Understanding Standard Conditions in Flow Measurement

Gas flow measurement is usually expressed in volumetric units such as cubic feet, cubic liters, or cubic centimeters per time. Since gases are compressible fluids, the total mass contained in a given volume varies with both the temperature and the pressure of the gas. 

To avoid lengthy descriptions of gas flow, science and industry have adopted “standard conditions” of pressure and temperature. However, these vary based on industry. Understanding how standard conditions are defined is critical in gas flow measurement accuracy.

technical brief-gas flow


Gas Flow Technical Data

In many industrial applications utilizing gas flow, a highly precise, accurate, repeatable flow is necessary to achieving the desired results. There are several factors to consider in achieving a precise flow of gas through an orifice, including pressure, temperature and specific gravity of the gas. Our technical brief covers these in detail, with conversion formulas and orifice size charts. 

Liquid Flow Technical Brief


Liquid Flow Technical Data

Achieving accurate, repeatable flow rates of liquids is critical to many industrial applications. Our technical brief covers technical considerations and provides liquid flow converstions, along with orifice size charts, for accurate calculation and specification of orifice sizes.

Metal alloys data sheet


REACH, ROHS 3 and Conflict Minerals

O’Keefe Controls Co. is a quality-conscious organization that puts customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything it does. This is why we take great care to ensure that our systems and methodologies conform to the most pertinent standards, guidelines and requirements for manufacturing, service,  environmental stewardship and above all, humanitarian concerns. This has been a cornerstone of our mission since the company was founded.

You are welcome to view and download a copy of O’Keefe Controls Co.’s statements regarding the metal alloys we use in our products and compliances to REACH, RoHS 3 and the Conflict Minerals Rule.