Production Process

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Our Production Process: Product Quality Assured

Precision, accuracy, repeatability and reliability have long been the quality-defining characteristics for O’Keefe Controls Co. products. For applications across the industrial landscape, O’Keefe Controls Co. has the resources and expertise necessary to produce fluid control devices that perform flawlessly again and again, as specified — and as promised. This is why that among customers worldwide, If it’s about precision, it is O’Keefe.

“[The] hidden gem is in design; purity levels are important to our process, and O’Keefe Controls’ product allows us to create better purity than anyone else out there.” 

Manufacturer of Beverage Gas Systems

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Our Goal: Products Customers Can Count On

Our parts last. We start with the highest-quality materials in order to ensure durability and reliability under tough conditions, over a long time.

Our devices perform as specified and as expected. All parts are machined with precision and are inspected along every step of our manufacturing  process. Each part is tested for accuracy of flow as a final step in the process.

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Quality Control at Every Stage of Production

CAD Drawing

CAD Drawing

Accurate modeling allows O’Keefe Controls Co. to optimize the design process of standard and custom products.

Laser marking process

Laser Marking

High-precision laser marking system is utilized to etch features such as serial numbers, text identifiers and other product nomenclature.

Optical Measurement

Optical Measurement

Quality control is enhanced by the use of industry’s most advanced optics.

Automated Optical Inspection

Automated Optical Inspection

Computer controlled inspection equipment allows O’Keefe Controls to verify even the finest of part details.

Flow Calibration

Flow Calibration

O’Keefe Controls has the capability of providing precision orifices with specific flow test data using instrumentation traceable to NIST standards.


Call us today to speak to a technical Customer Service Representative about your application.