Our Sales Process: Putting the Customer First

O’Keefe Controls Co. is a fully-integrated, lean manufacturer of high- precision fluid control devices for demanding environments where accuracy, reliability and repeatability are vital to your design specifications. With O’Keefe, the best place to start is at the beginning; right at the point when you need to evaluate the parameters of your flow control system design. With your initial call, our technical sales consultants will discuss the nature and purpose of your application. We will review options with you and steer you toward the most appropriate standard device, providing on-the-spot pricing and lead time. If standard devices do not cover your application, then we will route you to a senior technical engineer who will review your application parameters including special orifice size, configuration and flow specs.

The very next phase of our technical service involves the use of Solidworks® CAD drawings and 3D prototype modeling in order to make your design and development team work as efficiently as possible. Working hand-in-hand with a highly trained technical engineer, you will be able to visualize detailed renderings of our recommendations and be guided along the development route to ensure more educated decisions are made involving materials, connections and dimensions.

This level of attention and one-on-one support enables you to have a thorough picture on key project milestones including costs, production schedules and, equally important, a prediction of how well the devices will function within your end product.

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Our Sale Process

“Service is great – John is very responsive helped us design components custom to our needs.” Manufacturer of Aerospace Components

“O’Keefe Controls has assured us a quality product. Maura has been very helpful. We were ‘behind the 8 ball’ a few times and she really pulled us out of it. She got us out of a huge jam last December and saved our year-end revenue.” Manufacturer of Marine Instrumentation

Technical Customer Services:

  • Product Selection Guidance
  • Advanced Engineering Support
  • New Product Design & Development
  • Custom Manufacturing