Healthcare and Front-Line Workers, We Salute You!

All over the world people are doing what they can to provide help and support during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Here at O’Keefe Controls Co., we are manufacturing components that are used in ventilator equipment in healthcare. We’ve been doing everything possible to keep our staff safe including having local people help us with the production of face masks for every employee. We’ve also had many local allies step in to help us secure local supplies such as hard-to-find cleaning chemicals used for our production line. Down the road, across town and elsewhere we have many friends and family members working diligently in healthcare, in public safety – college students working in local grocers too – all doing what they can during this crisis.

For all of that and more, we are grateful – and we hope our humble banner outside our headquarters provides a little well-earned salute from everyone here at O’Keefe Controls Co.

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