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Healthcare and Front-Line Workers, We Salute You!

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All over the world people are doing what they can to provide help and support during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Here at O’Keefe Controls Co., we are manufacturing components that are used in ventilator equipment in healthcare. We’ve been doing everything possible to keep our staff safe including having local people help us with the production of face masks for every employee. We’ve also had many local allies step in to help us secure local supplies such as hard-to-find cleaning chemicals used for our production line. Down the road, across town and elsewhere we have many friends and family members working diligently in healthcare, in public safety – college students working in local grocers too – all doing what they can during this crisis.

For all of that and more, we are grateful – and we hope our humble banner outside our headquarters provides a little well-earned salute from everyone here at O’Keefe Controls Co.

O’Keefe Controls Aids COVID-19 Healthcare with Innovative Solutions

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 In this period of uncertainty, no one has been left untouched by COVID-19. It is important—maybe more than ever—to remember that we are here for one another. At O’Keefe Controls Co., we are taking action to address the ongoing needs of our employees and our business so that we may continue to provide the technologies that are so vital to our world. Our leadership has been working tirelessly for our employees, for our customers, and for our community. Below are some of the actions we are taking as an organization.

Providing Our Customers with Innovative Solutions

 O’Keefe Controls Co. products and systems are helping with the front-line effort to combat the spread of COVID-19 and support treatment around the world. We have been working with a variety of customers to supply them with precision orifices for ventilator and other breathing equipment to support hospital workers. With the limitations on supply chains we are seeing, we have found innovative ways to be able to assist customers in developing precision orifices that fit the form, function, and performance requirements needed, and which we can manufacture. During these trying times, we want to do what we can to make our country stronger, get products to hospitals faster, and do our part to help save as many lives as possible.

Helping Our Community

 In reaction to the shortage of PPE for healthcare workers, O’Keefe Controls Co. has stepped in to utilize our 3D printing capabilities to provide face shields for local area hospitals. Using open-sourced shield designs, engineers at O’Keefe Controls have been iterating through configurations to provide protection to the nurses caring for our community. “Healthcare workers are on the front-lines every day dealing with this crisis, we want to do our part to support them,” says John Butala, VP of Technology & Engineering.

Safeguarding Our Employees

 At O’Keefe Controls Co., the health and safety of our employees is our number one priority. As a company that supplies product to the OEMs of the medical community, our employees are essential to providing equipment that is needed to save lives. “We are enormously proud of our employees who have stepped up and have worked tirelessly to deliver technologies used in ventilators to treat those who are sick, while balancing their own safety at this time,” says Patrick O’Keefe, President of O’Keefe Controls.

 While we have had no cases of COVID-19 among our workforce, we have taken early and aggressive action to help prevent the spread of the virus in our workplace. Several weeks ago, we installed individual computer stations for each manufacturing employee to check-in and check-out parts. This action eliminated the need for the use of common workstations. Out of an abundance of caution, we have now transitioned to split shifts to further reduce contact and interactions and have implemented factory wipe downs between shifts. With Team A working in the mornings and Team B working in the evenings, O’Keefe Controls is working around the clock to serve our customers.